Education in Finland services:


Lectures and tailored consulting

1 hour to full day workshops

Joyful Learning & Empowering Education

Welfare education culture in Finland, Value-based Crystallization

Trilogy: Emotional Intelligence, Compassion and Intuition

Creativity – Be in a flow, great resource for learning and leadership

Professional School Structures in Finland

Finnish core curriculum and assessment culture

Global and local values

Education in Finland Training Programs

1 to 5 days training programs

Teacher Certification

Education in Finland Teacher Certification will focus on the pedagogical and well-being concepts of Finnish education, phenomenon-based education and innovative learning concepts in Finland and guidelines of the Finnish national core curriculum for basic education.

Leadership Certifiation

Education in Finland Leadership Certification will focus on the values, pedagogical and welfare leadership, emotional intelligence, creativity, innovative learning environments and Ed Tech solutions. Finnish national core curriculum for basic education will be worked through.

School Concept and tailored concepts

Creating of a school of excellence

School concept

School concept is a tailormade for existing and envisioned new schools. The concept consists of 6 modules, including certification.

Phenomenon Based Learning Concept

Tailor made phenomenon based learning –Make a Musical.  Phenomenon based education is key innovation (WEFFI) and prepare students for tomorrow´s working life. 

ELF - Education Leadership in Finland Program

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