Education in Finland Training Programs are based on:
The Creative Fire Model

In accordance with the new Finnish national core curriculum, the Education in Finland Leadership Training Program is an entity which engages, inspires and appreciates participants’ existing know-how. The training focuses on developing school culture, on the changes in society, on challenges in communications, and the continuously evolving role of digitalization. Anna-Mari Jaatinen has worked as a principal and school culture developer since 2004. Based on her experience in education, leadership and development work in school culture, Anna-Mari launched the Creative Fire Model (2010). The Creative Fire Model has been elected among the top 100 Finnish educational innovations in 2017. (HundrED, 2017).

Key factors in the Creative Fire Model are communality, creativity, problem solving skills, critical thinking, social skills and enthusiasm. The firewood in the model is built through values, leadership, the concept of a learning community, a creative curriculum, evaluation and digitalization. In addition, networking skills and a comprehensive concept of learning take the center stage. The Creative Fire Model is used as the basis for the training program in educational leadership and the development of school culture.


The Creative Fire Model Digital Portfolio

Each group member uses during Education Leadership In Finland Principal Certification Program the Creative Fire Model Digital Portfolio. It is a platform for exercises and academic writing. The Creative Fire Model Digital Portfolio is a tool to develop members’ own vision and concept of teaching and leadership, cultural change and pedagogical reform.

Welfare Education in Finland is based on:
Value-based Crystallization well-being interaction rules


Anna-Mari Jaatinen has innovated collaborative and co-creative Value-based Crystallization process methodology in 2018. Value-based Crystallization visualizes the elements of well-being, and all staff co-create welfare interaction rules to all learning community.